Ranking the Funniest Episodes of Gravity Falls

  1. “Soos and the Real Girl” (Season 2, Episode 5):
    • In this hilarious episode, Soos becomes infatuated with a dating simulator video game.
    • The antics of Soos and his interactions with the game’s character, Giffany, provide plenty of laughs.
    • Mabel’s subplot involving her pursuit of a pig is equally comical.
  2. “Sock Opera” (Season 2, Episode 4):
    • Dipper gets possessed by a mischievous puppet in this episode, leading to a series of laugh-out-loud moments.
    • The puppet’s one-liners and Dipper’s attempts to regain control are comedic highlights.
    • Mabel’s subplot, involving a talent show, adds to the humor.
  3. “The Love God” (Season 2, Episode 9):
    • Robbie’s heartbreak leads to a hilarious plot where he becomes a love guru with unintended consequences.
    • The interactions between various characters under the influence of Robbie’s love potions create humorous chaos.
    • The episode’s resolution provides a satisfying comedic twist.
  4. “Little Gift Shop of Horrors” (Season 2, Episode 6):
    • This anthology-style episode features three separate comedic stories.
    • Highlights include Stan’s attempts to make a profit from cursed items and Mabel’s obsession with Waddles in a parallel universe.
    • The dark humor and unexpected twists make it a fan favorite.
  5. “The Golf War” (Season 2, Episode 3):
    • Gravity Falls hosts a mini-golf competition, leading to a rivalry between Mabel and Pacifica.
    • The miniature golf course’s absurd challenges and Mabel’s determination to win provide comedic moments.
    • The episode’s climax at the abandoned golf course is both funny and suspenseful.
  6. “Bottomless Pit!” (Season 1, Episode 14):
    • This episode features three short stories, each with its own unique brand of humor.
    • “Voice Over” has the characters dubbing over each other, “The Inconveniencing” features silly horror movie clichés, and “Soos’ Really Great Pinball Story” is a delightful exaggeration of Soos’ life.
  7. “The Time Traveler’s Pig” (Season 1, Episode 9):
    • Blendin Blandin’s time-traveling antics result in a series of humorous and chaotic events.
    • The time-traveling pig, Waddles, and Dipper’s repeated attempts to fix the past contribute to the humor.
    • The episode’s heartfelt moments add depth to the comedy.
  8. “Tourist Trapped” (Season 1, Episode 1):
    • The series opener introduces us to the weirdness of Gravity Falls and its quirky inhabitants.
    • Grunkle Stan’s bizarre attractions and Dipper’s misadventures with the journal set the tone for the show’s humor.
    • Mabel’s humorous one-liners and optimism shine through.
  9. “Society of the Blind Eye” (Season 2, Episode 7):
    • The uncovering of Gravity Falls’ secret society results in comedic revelations.
    • The memory-erasing device leads to amusing and awkward situations for the townspeople.
    • The combination of humor and mystery keeps the audience engaged.
  10. “Double Dipper” (Season 1, Episode 7):
    • Dipper’s attempt to impress Wendy at the Mystery Shack’s party creates plenty of comedic chaos.
    • The use of a photocopier for mischief and the hilarious dance-off are standout moments.
    • Mabel’s matchmaking antics add to the humor.

These episodes capture the essence of “Gravity Falls” with its clever humor, quirky characters, and supernatural shenanigans, making them some of the funniest in the series.

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