Top 10 Gravity Falls Episodes Ranked by IMDb Ratings

  1. “Not What He Seems” (Season 2, Episode 11) – IMDb Rating: 9.7
    • In this pivotal episode, the secrets surrounding the mysterious town of Gravity Falls come to light as Dipper and Mabel uncover the shocking truth about their great-uncle Stan.
  2. “Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back The Falls” (Season 2, Episode 20) – IMDb Rating: 9.6
    • The epic conclusion to the series sees the residents of Gravity Falls joining forces to battle the all-powerful Bill Cipher in a thrilling showdown.
  3. “Weirdmageddon Part 1” (Season 2, Episode 18) – IMDb Rating: 9.4
    • Chaos erupts as Bill Cipher unleashes “Weirdmageddon” on Gravity Falls, leading to bizarre and hilarious transformations for the townsfolk.
  4. “Weirdmageddon Part 2: Escape From Reality” (Season 2, Episode 19) – IMDb Rating: 9.4
    • As the weirdness continues, Dipper, Mabel, and friends try to escape Bill Cipher’s chaotic dimension and restore order to Gravity Falls.
  5. “The Time Traveler’s Pig” (Season 1, Episode 9) – IMDb Rating: 9.3
    • In a time-traveling adventure, Dipper tries to fix a past mistake while Mabel battles for a pet pig in a whimsical and heartwarming episode.
  6. “Not What He Seems” (Season 2, Episode 11) – IMDb Rating: 9.3
    • Dipper and Mabel’s trust in their great-uncle Stan is tested again as they delve deeper into the mysteries of Gravity Falls.
  7. “Sock Opera” (Season 2, Episode 4) – IMDb Rating: 9.2
    • Dipper’s body is possessed by a mischievous demon named Bill Cipher in this thrilling and humorous episode.
  8. “Northwest Mansion Mystery” (Season 2, Episode 10) – IMDb Rating: 9.1
    • A wealthy family’s mansion holds secrets and supernatural surprises as Dipper and Pacifica Northwest confront ghosts and their own vulnerabilities.
  9. “Dreamscaperers” (Season 1, Episode 19) – IMDb Rating: 9.1
    • Dipper, Mabel, and Soos venture into Stan’s mind with the help of a mysterious dream demon named Bill Cipher.
  10. “The Inconveniencing” (Season 1, Episode 5) – IMDb Rating: 9.0
    • Dipper, Mabel, and their friends spend a night in the spooky abandoned Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store, encountering supernatural occurrences and personal revelations.

These episodes showcase the best of “Gravity Falls,” with intriguing mysteries, memorable characters, and plenty of humor and heart.

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