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It’s hard to believe, but it has been over 13 years since Soul Eater’s anime concluded. The Studio Bones production gained rapid popularity among fans when it aired in April 2008, but its run was cut short. The anime ended before series creator Atsushi Ohkubo could complete the manga, leaving Soul Eater without the anime adaptation it truly deserved.

For those not familiar with the anime scene at the time, Soul Eater was one of the biggest hits in the shonen genre during its initial season. It coincided with the manga’s rise in popularity, and the chemistry between its protagonists, Maka Albarn and Soul, was unparalleled. Even today, they are considered legends among fans, although their relevance has diminished over time.

The History of Soul Eater Regrettably, Soul Eater is becoming outdated for new fans, and older audiences are hesitant to revisit the anime due to its unsatisfying ending. The divergence from Ohkubo’s manga began at episode 35, derailing the story from there. A rushed original ending left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Thus, while the anime starts strong, its conclusion leaves much to be desired.

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Conversely, this is not the case with the manga. Ohkubo continued working on the manga until 2013, five years longer than the anime’s run. The manga delves into a lot of content that anime-only fans are unaware of. In fact, there are significant differences, such as the developments involving Asura, Death the Kid, Crona, and the transformative character growth of Franken Stein.

As Soul Eater approaches its 15th anniversary, it deserves another chance at life, one that adheres to Ohkubo’s original vision. The supernatural series did not receive the recognition it deserved, especially considering Ohkubo’s subsequent success with Fire Force. Interest in Soul Eater is gradually growing, and it’s high time Studio Bones considers revisiting the halls of Death Weapon Meister Academy.

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So, if you yearn for the days at Death Weapon Meister Academy, let’s hope that Studio Bones will give serious thought to revisiting this beloved series in the near future.

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