Giant Beast of Ars is a unique and fascinating mix of Attack on Titan, Soul Eater, and Monster Hunter

This anime series that is currently being aired is an excellent choice for fans of the genre who are willing to give it a chance. This winter season, the anime industry has produced many great shows for fans to enjoy, including some that are exclusive to the HIDIVE platform, such as Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon IV and Spy Classroom. Nevertheless, one show that stands out this season is Giant Beasts of Ars, which takes place in a creative original sci-fi fantasy world. In this show, humans have stolen the lands created by gods, which has enraged the beasts living on those lands. Humans prayed to the gods for a way to stop the beasts, which resulted in the creation of Paladins and Clerics. Paladins can harness the magical power of Clerics by absorbing them into their bodies and channeling their power through a specialized weapon after invoking a prayer to a goddess. They can then fight against even the strongest of beasts on seemingly equal footing.

The main story of the show revolves around Jiro the Already Dead, a Paladin without a Cleric who meets Kumi, a Cleric that escaped from a lab where she was created. After escaping, she explores a nearby town, which is attacked by a Giant Beast, while trying to escape government agents trying to apprehend her. Jiro bonds with Kumi to kill the Giant Beast and save her and her new friend, Myaa. Now fugitives on the run, Jiro, Kumi and Myaa embark on an adventure across Ars, hoping to find a safe haven from a dangerous and potentially unjust government.

There are many reasons why Giant Beasts of Ars is worth watching. It is a unique blend of other series that has the potential to attract fans of everything that inspired it. For example, the concept behind Paladins and Clerics is reminiscent of the classic shonen series Soul Eater, but with its own twist. The idea of balance between Paladins and Clerics creates a balance that highlights their strength. Moreover, Jiro and Kumi’s contrasting personalities also create an interesting dynamic that adds depth to the story. Kumi’s positivity and Jiro’s depression and sense of loss create a contrast that could develop into something more as the show progresses.

The show draws inspiration from other sources as well. The Giant Beast hunting aspect is similar to the Monster Hunter video game franchise, where beasts are hunted for their parts. In this show, Jiro doesn’t turn the slain beasts into weapons or armor, but it is still an interesting layer that connects the two. The show also has similarities to Attack on Titan, as the Giant Beasts are hunted down for survival and there is an intriguing political element to the story.

Overall, Giant Beasts of Ars is a fascinating anime series that is worth watching. With only three episodes released so far, viewers can look forward to discovering the answers to the many questions that the show raises. For instance, what exactly is Kumi, and why is she being hunted down so mercilessly? What will be the consequences of the political element introduced in the story?

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