Collaboration between Fire Force and Soul Eater announced

Fire Force confirmed to be a prequel to Soul Eater - Anime Senpai

Soul Eater fans have a lot to be excited about this year as the franchise gears up to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The series, which went on hiatus after its anime adaptation ended in 2009, has remained a beloved classic in the shonen genre and continues to gain new fans today.

To mark the occasion, Soul Eater is collaborating with Fire Force, another popular manga and anime series that was created by the same mangaka, Atsushi Ohkubo. The Fire Force x Soul Eater crossover event has already been launched with the release of the Fire Force mobile game, Fire Force: Battle of the Flame Road.

While there are no details yet on what the collaboration will entail, fans are already speculating that some of the Soul Eater heroes will be joining the Fire Force game, including fan favorites like Maka and Soul. The possibility of seeing characters like Death the Kid and Black Star in the game has also been floated, adding to the excitement surrounding the collaboration.

How Are Fire Force and Soul Eater Connected?

The fact that Soul Eater and Fire Force share a connection as creations of the same mangaka only adds to the anticipation surrounding the collaboration. Fans of both series have long speculated about whether or not they take place in the same universe, and Ohkubo has confirmed that they do, albeit in different time periods. The revelation only serves to heighten the anticipation surrounding the upcoming crossover event.

In addition to the collaboration, 2023 promises to be a big year for Soul Eater as the franchise celebrates its 15th anniversary. A number of projects are in the works to mark the occasion, and fans are hopeful that a Soul Eater remake could be in the cards. The original anime adaptation only covered a fraction of the manga’s story, and fans have been clamoring for a continuation for years.

Fire Force x Soul Eater Collab Announced

For those who are new to Soul Eater or want to revisit the series, the original anime is available to stream on Hulu and Crunchyroll. The series follows Maka and her partner Soul Eater, a living scythe, as they strive to turn Soul into a powerful death scythe by collecting and devouring the souls of 99 humans and one witch. The series features an array of bizarre and dangerous minions of the underworld, as well as an eclectic cast of meisters with their own personal quirks.

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