What does the term ‘Death Scythe’ refer to in ‘Soul Eater’?

Maka Albarn and Soul Evans from Soul Eater.

Soul Eater is a popular anime and manga series that depicts a world where humans and other supernatural beings coexist. The story revolves around the Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school that trains students to become reapers, individuals responsible for collecting souls and maintaining balance in the world. In this universe, souls are tangible entities that can be collected using special weapons called Death Scythes.

Working for Lord Death is no easy task, and it requires a team effort to get the job done. Most souls don’t want to be reaped, so reapers-in-training, such as the series’ protagonist Maka Albarn, must become a Scythe-Meister and work together with a Demon Scythe to collect the required number of souls.

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So, what exactly is a Death Scythe in Soul Eater? The definition of a Death Scythe varies between the manga and anime versions of the series. In the manga, it’s a type of supernatural weapon that has consumed 99 evil human souls on Lord Death’s list, along with one Kishin soul. Kishin souls are malevolent beings that have been spawned from the over-hunting of good human souls, and they wield power capable of destroying the world. In the anime, Death Scythes have eaten 99 Kishin eggs and one witch soul instead.

Essentially, a Death Scythe in Soul Eater is both a rank and an identity. It’s a weapon that has been classified as worthy of Lord Death’s possession once a Scythe-Meister and Demon Scythe have achieved this accomplishment together. Death Scythes resemble traditional scythes, with long, curved blades attached to long poles and a few short handles. However, they boast special powers, such as the ability to shapeshift and utilize magic obtained from the consumption of witches.

Scythe-Meister Maka wields Death-Weapon Soul.

To use a Death Scythe, Scythe-Meisters must fine-tune their scythe-handling skills, including basic twirling maneuvers and advanced moves like the witch-hunt slash. This technique allows souls to resonate with each other, changing the size and shape of the demon scythe’s blade, which can cancel a witch’s magic techniques and prove deadly to witches, demons, and immortals.

In conclusion, Death Scythes play a crucial role in the world of Soul Eater, serving as powerful weapons that only the most skilled and dedicated reapers can wield.

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