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5 Anime Characters Who Can Outsmart L from Death Note (and 5 Who Can’t)

Here’s a list of 5 anime characters who possess the intelligence and wit to potentially outsmart L from Death Note, as well as 5 characters who would struggle to match his level of deduction and strategic thinking: Characters who can outsmart L: Light Yagami (Death Note): As the main protagonist of Death Note, Light possesses […]

Top 10 Anime Characters Who Outsmart Light Yagami in Death Note

L (Death Note): L, the world-renowned detective, is Light Yagami’s greatest adversary. With his exceptional deductive skills and unorthodox methods, L consistently stays one step ahead of Light throughout the series. Near (Death Note): Near is another brilliant detective who becomes a key player in the battle against Light Yagami. Possessing a similar intellect to […]

The Simpsons has parodied Death Note before

In “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII,” which aired on October 30, 2022, “The Simpsons” underwent an anime transformation. The second segment of the episode, titled “Death Tome,” parodied “Death Note.” Lisa discovers a book with the power to control life and death, using it to escalate her environmental activism to murderous levels. The segment featured anime-style […]

The Simpsons goes anime with Death Note tribute

“The Simpsons, known for its long-running presence on television screens for the past 25 years, has had its fair share of ups and downs. While some may argue that the show has lost its touch over time, there are moments when it manages to shine brightly amidst the storm. The upcoming tribute to Death Note […]

Classic animes like “Death Note” and “Sailor Moon” are now free on YouTube

Popular anime series like Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, and more are now free to watch on YouTube. Viz Media, the anime and manga publisher, has made several beloved shows available on the platform. This presents a great opportunity for newcomers to delve into these iconic classics. The company has created curated playlists on YouTube featuring […]

The Simpsons teams up with Death Note for milestone 750th episode

“The Simpsons, the long-running animated comedy that has entertained audiences for decades, is gearing up for another milestone in its impressive journey. As the series approaches its 1,000th episode, it has a special celebration planned for episode 750. In a unique twist, The Simpsons will feature a special opening sequence with a crossover from the […]

Death Note: The Musical to hit London for concert performances on August 21-22

Get ready for an extraordinary theatrical experience as Death Note: The Musical takes center stage at the iconic London Palladium. With two highly anticipated concert performances scheduled for August 21 and 22, this European premiere is set to captivate audiences like never before. Tickets for these exclusive shows will be available for purchase starting June […]

Death Note the Musical, a multi award-winning manga stage production, to premiere in a star-studded concert at London Palladium

Get ready for an extraordinary theatrical event as Death Note: The Musical, widely acclaimed in Japan and Korea, is set to dazzle audiences with its highly anticipated English language premiere. This thrilling production will take center stage in two star-studded concerts at the prestigious London Palladium on August 21 and 22, promising an unforgettable experience […]

Frank Wildhorn’s Death Note: The Musical to have 2 London Palladium concerts

In an exciting development for theater enthusiasts, the highly anticipated English-language premiere of Frank Wildhorn’s Death Note: The Musical is set to captivate audiences with two enthralling concerts at the prestigious London Palladium on August 21st and 22nd. Helming this remarkable production is the accomplished director and choreographer Nick Winston, whose creative vision promises to […]

Ryuk from Death Note cameos in The Simpsons’ 750th episode couch gag

In a delightful crossover moment, The Simpsons paid homage to the popular manga and anime series Death Note by featuring a character cameo in their 750th episode couch gag. Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its gripping narrative and distinct art style. The franchise […]