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Top 14 Death Note Episodes, Ranked

Here’s a list of the 14 best episodes of “Death Note,” ranked: Episode 25: “Silence” – The intense finale that brings the epic battle between Light Yagami and Near to its climax. Episode 37: “New World” – The series’ conclusion where the final showdown between Light and Near takes place. Episode 26: “Renewal” – The […]

Halia Abdel-Meguid will write and executive produce the “Death Note” series adaptation for Netflix and the Duffer Brothers’ Upside Down Pictures

Halia Abdel-Meguid, a talented writer and executive producer, has been selected to lead the highly anticipated live-action series adaptation of “Death Note,” the renowned Japanese manga and anime series, for Netflix. This adaptation, based on the original work by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, is being developed under the banner of Upside Down Pictures, the […]

The Simpsons goes anime with Death Note tribute

“The Simpsons, known for its long-running presence on television screens for the past 25 years, has had its fair share of ups and downs. While some may argue that the show has lost its touch over time, there are moments when it manages to shine brightly amidst the storm. The upcoming tribute to Death Note […]

The Simpsons teams up with Death Note for milestone 750th episode

“The Simpsons, the long-running animated comedy that has entertained audiences for decades, is gearing up for another milestone in its impressive journey. As the series approaches its 1,000th episode, it has a special celebration planned for episode 750. In a unique twist, The Simpsons will feature a special opening sequence with a crossover from the […]

Suicide Puppets have released a new single and music video titled Death Note

Suicide Puppets, an up-and-coming band, has just unveiled their latest musical offering in the form of a brand new single and accompanying music video titled “Death Note!” This talented group recently caught the attention of M & O Music, a prominent record label based in France, and secured a record deal with them. With this […]

Death Note: The Musical will have two concerts at The London Palladium

Exciting news for fans of the popular manga series! Prepare to be enthralled as Death Note: The Musical, a highly anticipated adaptation of the bestselling Japanese manga, makes its European debut with two sensational concerts set to take place at the prestigious London Palladium on August 21 and 22, 2023. Crafted with a captivating fusion […]

Frank Wildhorn’s Death Note: The Musical to have 2 London Palladium concerts

In an exciting development for theater enthusiasts, the highly anticipated English-language premiere of Frank Wildhorn’s Death Note: The Musical is set to captivate audiences with two enthralling concerts at the prestigious London Palladium on August 21st and 22nd. Helming this remarkable production is the accomplished director and choreographer Nick Winston, whose creative vision promises to […]