Top 14 Death Note Episodes, Ranked

Light Yagami stares at you with malice

Here’s a list of the 14 best episodes of “Death Note,” ranked:

  1. Episode 25: “Silence” – The intense finale that brings the epic battle between Light Yagami and Near to its climax.
  2. Episode 37: “New World” – The series’ conclusion where the final showdown between Light and Near takes place.
  3. Episode 26: “Renewal” – The aftermath of L’s death as Near and Mello emerge to investigate Kira.
  4. Episode 11: “Assault” – L confronts Light and accuses him of being Kira, leading to a thrilling confrontation.
  5. Episode 19: “Matsuda” – Matsuda takes a risky action that leads to surprising revelations.
  6. Episode 7: “Tactics” – Light devises a cunning plan to eliminate Raye Penber, an FBI agent hot on his trail.
  7. Episode 2: “Confrontation” – Light tests the boundaries of the Death Note’s power and engages in a psychological game with L.
  8. Episode 27: “Abduction” – Mello kidnaps Kiyomi Takada, leading to a tense hostage situation.
  9. Episode 32: “Selection” – Light manipulates the investigation team to achieve his goals.
  10. Episode 34: “Vigilance” – Light faces a setback as Near makes a significant breakthrough in the case.
  11. Episode 16: “Decision” – L reveals his suspicions about Light and intensifies the investigation.
  12. Episode 36: “1.28” – The dramatic revelation of Light’s true identity as Kira.
  13. Episode 24: “Revival” – L and Light engage in a high-stakes conversation while the pressure mounts.
  14. Episode 20: “Makeshift” – Light executes a plan to regain control over the Death Note.

These episodes showcase the thrilling cat-and-mouse game between Light and his adversaries, the intricate strategies employed, and the dramatic moments that make “Death Note” an unforgettable series.

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