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Tokyo Ghoul’s creator drew from his Christian upbringing for the ghouls

Tokyo Ghoul, celebrated as one of the best manga within the Seinen anime genre, has captivated fans with its dark fantasy narrative and stunning artwork. Created by Sui Ishida, the series introduces a world where ghouls, humanoid creatures who consume human flesh to survive, exist in secrecy alongside humans. The protagonist, college student Ken Kaneki, […]

Tokyo Ghoul creator’s new series, Choujin X, revisits familiar ground with flair

Tokyo Ghoul creator’s new manga, Choujin X, draws satisfying parallels to his earlier work. The upcoming volume one of Choujin X, consisting of chapters 1 through 6, reveals deliberate connections and allusions that will thrill fans of Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul. Ishida seems to embrace the comparisons between the two series, evident from his protagonist’s […]

Distinguishing Tokyo Ghoul: Anime vs. Manga

“Differences Between Tokyo Ghoul Anime & Manga” Tokyo Ghoul’s anime adaptations took creative liberties, not always for the better. The story follows Kaneki Ken, an ordinary boy turned monster after a fateful encounter with a ghoul. However, some significant changes were made during the anime’s debut. Here are the key differences: Kaneki’s Torture: In the […]