Tokyo Ghoul creator’s new series, Choujin X, revisits familiar ground with flair

Tokyo Ghoul creator’s new manga, Choujin X, draws satisfying parallels to his earlier work. The upcoming volume one of Choujin X, consisting of chapters 1 through 6, reveals deliberate connections and allusions that will thrill fans of Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul.

Ishida seems to embrace the comparisons between the two series, evident from his protagonist’s name, Tokio, which echoes Tokyo Ghoul. This intentional nod invites readers to explore the correlations and suggests that Ishida may have intended these connections all along.

In volume one, Ishida captures the same gruesome and transformative essence found in Tokyo Ghoul. Tokio acquires special abilities, reminiscent of how Ken Kaneki transforms into a human/ghoul hybrid. However, Tokio’s path diverges as he willingly injects himself with a serum to become a super-powered choujin. Yet, the similarities continue to unfold.

Towards the end of the volume, Ishida introduces a character akin to Rize from Tokyo Ghoul. Choujin X’s Rize manipulates the world’s hero, mirroring the deceptive nature of her ghoul counterpart. However, Tokio already possesses his supernatural powers during their encounter, contrasting Kaneki’s journey. The volume’s conclusion hints at further connections to Tokyo Ghoul, teasing fans with the promise of a deeper exploration in future volumes.

While Choujin X showcases Ishida’s shift to a less realistic artistic style, reminiscent of gothic aesthetics, he occasionally reverts to his previous Tokyo Ghoul illustrations to accentuate critical moments. The nightmarish atmosphere and grotesque imagery in Choujin X surpass even the darkest elements of Tokyo Ghoul. Ishida’s creativity flourishes in this new world, allowing him to explore diverse and limitless choujin powers.

Fans of Tokyo Ghoul may find immense pleasure in discovering the parallels and thematic threads woven throughout Choujin X. The first volume, published by Viz Media, is set to release on February 21, 2023.

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