Tokyo Ghoul’s creator pays tribute to Hunter x Hunter with unique artwork


In a remarkable display of admiration and respect, numerous prominent manga creators have joined forces to commemorate the extensive and remarkable career of Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of the renowned Hunter x Hunter series. Notably, even the creator of Tokyo Ghoul, Sui Ishida, has contributed to these tributes with a captivating piece of art dedicated to the series. This year has been particularly momentous for Togashi, as Hunter x Hunter has made its highly anticipated return to the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine after a prolonged hiatus. Furthermore, it coincides with the 30th anniversary of the anime adaptation of his previous masterpiece, Yu Yu Hakusho. Undoubtedly, this period has been filled with excitement for avid fans of Togashi’s exceptional works.

To honor these remarkable milestones and Togashi’s enduring career, a special art exhibition has been unveiled in Japan, showcasing his artistic contributions throughout the years as a creator. Moreover, the exhibition features exclusive artwork from other prominent manga creators, including Sui Ishida, who presents a stunning reinterpretation of the enigmatic character Hisoka from the Hunter x Hunter series. Through this tribute, Ishida expresses his deep appreciation for Togashi’s profound influence on his own creative journey over the years. The remarkable artwork has garnered attention and admiration from fans, as it captures the essence of Togashi’s storytelling prowess and the impact it has had on fellow creators.

In addition to the visual tribute, Sui Ishida shares a heartfelt message addressed to Togashi, conveying the immense charm and allure of his works. Reflecting on his own personal experiences, Ishida reminisces about his initial encounters with Togashi’s manga. Despite initially being more drawn to video games as a child, Ishida was captivated by Togashi’s Level E when he stumbled upon it in Weekly Shonen Jump. The intriguing world and exquisite artistry of Togashi’s creation ignited a fervent anticipation within him, eagerly awaiting each weekly installment. This marked the beginning of Ishida’s own deep-seated passion for the captivating realm of manga.

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The message continues, delving into the transformative impact of Hunter x Hunter on Ishida’s artistic journey. As the series continued its serialization, Ishida found himself increasingly enthralled by the intricate world-building and narrative tapestry meticulously woven by Togashi. Gradually, Ishida’s aspirations shifted, and he set his sights on becoming a manga artist himself. Inspired by Togashi’s trailblazing accomplishments, Ishida acknowledges the subtle yet profound influence the acclaimed mangaka had on shaping his own creative aspirations and style.

Finally, the message shares a poignant moment when Ishida had the incredible opportunity to meet Togashi in person. Overwhelmed with emotion, Ishida felt as if his childhood dreams had materialized before him. In that awe-inspiring encounter, he was moved to request a private conversation with the creator who had left an indelible mark on his life. The meeting was a cherished memory, solidifying Ishida’s deep-seated admiration for Togashi’s creative genius.

Through this special artwork and heartfelt message, Sui Ishida pays homage to the unparalleled impact and influence of Yoshihiro Togashi’s visionary storytelling, acknowledging the role it played in his own artistic journey. It stands as a testament to the profound connections forged within the manga community, celebrating the mutual inspiration and admiration shared among creators who have left an enduring legacy in the realm of storytelling.

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