Why Tokyo Ghoul Deserves the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Treatment

“Improving Tokyo Ghoul: Bringing Faithfulness to the Source Material”

Tokyo Ghoul’s anime adaptations fell short of expectations, prompting the question of whether the series would have fared better by adhering to its source material. The initial success of the 2014 anime, centered around Ken Kaneki’s transformation into a half-ghoul, captivated audiences worldwide. However, the first and second seasons deviated significantly from the original story, resulting in inconsistencies and missed opportunities.

One glaring inconsistency was the portrayal of ghouls’ invincibility, which the anime failed to maintain. Ghouls were depicted as impervious to injury, except when harmed by another ghoul’s kagune. Yet, the adaptation disregarded smaller details, such as the ghouls’ resistance to conventional sharp objects. These inconsistencies weakened the narrative coherence and undermined the essence of the ghouls’ unique nature.

Kaneki’s character suffered the most in the anime adaptation. While still idealistic and naive, Kaneki’s cautious nature and questioning of his surroundings were diminished in the anime. For instance, in the gourmet arc, the anime showed Kaneki readily accepting a cup of coffee that was drugged, whereas the manga depicted his suspicion and avoidance of the drink. This deviation from Kaneki’s character in the source material made him less relatable and compromised his development.

Moreover, the anime’s second season, Tokyo Ghoul √A, strayed significantly from the manga’s original plot, transforming Kaneki into an “edgy” and “rebellious” figure. This departure created strained relationships with his friends, confusing anime-only viewers. The rushed character arcs and omissions of important story developments left audiences detached and undermined the emotional connections they had formed with the characters.

Although Tokyo Ghoul:re attempted to realign the anime with the manga, the limited time and the decision to ignore Tokyo Ghoul √A complicated the series’ continuity. Anime-only viewers were left in the dark, lacking the understanding of how the story progressed from season 2 to season 3. The exceptional art style, composition, and soundtrack of the anime were overshadowed by the lack of depth and fidelity to the original manga.

A remake of Tokyo Ghoul that faithfully follows the source material, incorporates proper character development, and maintains continuity would not only do justice to the manga but also enhance the overall storytelling experience. Such a remake would fulfill the untapped potential of Tokyo Ghoul and provide fans with the adaptation they have been yearning for.

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