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Tokyo Ghoul creator’s new manga keeps Ken Kaneki’s legacy alive

In a fascinating development, mangaka Sui Ishida has taken the similarities between Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki and Choujin X’s Tokio Kurohara to a whole new level. Initially, Ishida drew several parallels between the two characters, both being regular humans who undergo a transformative journey to become super-powered beings within their respective worlds. However, in a […]

Why Tokyo Ghoul Deserves the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Treatment

“Improving Tokyo Ghoul: Bringing Faithfulness to the Source Material” Tokyo Ghoul’s anime adaptations fell short of expectations, prompting the question of whether the series would have fared better by adhering to its source material. The initial success of the 2014 anime, centered around Ken Kaneki’s transformation into a half-ghoul, captivated audiences worldwide. However, the first […]

Here are 14 must-watch anime for Tokyo Ghoul fans

Here’s a list of the 14 best anime to watch if you love Tokyo Ghoul: Parasyte: The Maxim – This anime follows the story of Shinichi Izumi, who becomes a host to a parasitic creature. It delves into themes of identity, survival, and the clash between humans and monsters. Attack on Titan – Set in […]

Decoding the Meaning of “1000-7” in Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul’s renowned quote emerges from its darkest moment and signifies a significant transformation in the series as a whole. The anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul made a huge impact on the anime community upon its initial release. This gripping and somber tale of the protagonist, Ken Kaneki, turning into a flesh-eating monster and grappling […]