Tokyo Ghoul creator’s new manga keeps Ken Kaneki’s legacy alive

In a fascinating development, mangaka Sui Ishida has taken the similarities between Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki and Choujin X’s Tokio Kurohara to a whole new level. Initially, Ishida drew several parallels between the two characters, both being regular humans who undergo a transformative journey to become super-powered beings within their respective worlds. However, in a recent twist, their origin stories have become almost indistinguishable.

In the case of Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki’s transformation occurs when he receives a ghoul’s organs, specifically those of a ghoul named Rize, through a life-saving transplant. On the other hand, in Choujin X, Tokio feels compelled to inject himself with a serum of choujin powers out of fear of losing his close friend Azuma, who has already made the decision to undergo the injection himself.

Chapter 33.1 of Choujin X, penned by Sui Ishida, introduces a crucial element of the choujin serum that Tokio and Azuma use. Captured by the enigmatic antagonist Noh Mask, Tokio comes face to face with a monstrous entity known as “the holy mother.” It is revealed that the serum, known as Xember, is derived from the divine blood of this creature, essentially making Tokio and Azuma her kin.

While the holy mother remains shrouded in mystery since her debut in chapter 14 of Choujin X as “the creature of the tower,” it is uncertain whether she herself is a choujin. This distinction sets Tokio’s experience apart from Kaneki’s, as Kaneki’s transformation was the result of receiving organs from an actual ghoul. Nevertheless, Tokio’s transformation into a super-powered being is still tied to an exchange involving another being’s body, creating a significant parallel with Kaneki’s journey.

Despite the similarities, there is one notable difference between Kaneki and Tokio. As a hybrid, Kaneki possesses unique powers that differ from those of most ghouls. His status as the One-Eyed Ghoul allows him to exist as a bridge between the human and ghoul worlds. Furthermore, Kaneki’s struggle to reconcile his ghoul nature with his humanity becomes a central theme, as ghouls’ survival contradicts the essence of human existence. In contrast, Tokio and Azuma do not exhibit these inherent characteristics. While Tokio faces challenges in accessing and controlling his powers, and Azuma struggles with self-control in his choujin state, their experiences differ from Kaneki’s ordeal.

However, it is crucial to note that Choujin X is still in its early stages, and future chapters may reveal additional aspects of their struggles that are specific to beast choujin or as kindred of “the holy mother.” Should that come to pass, the similarities between Tokio and Kaneki would intensify further, solidifying Choujin X’s connection to Sui Ishida’s beloved Tokyo Ghoul series.

This convergence of origin stories and the intertwining themes between Tokyo Ghoul and Choujin X add an intriguing layer to the narrative landscape crafted by Sui Ishida, delighting fans of both series and sparking discussions about the broader implications of these shared elements.

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