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Sailor Moon Cosmos anime films unveil Shadow Galactica cast in character trailer

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Sailor Moon Cosmos as the highly anticipated anime film duology gears up for its premiere in Japan on June 9. The latest character trailer showcases the dazzling and nefarious Shadow Galactica, accompanied by the exciting announcement of the talented cast members set to bring these captivating […]

Sailor Moon Anime Reflects on 3rd Season Prior to Cosmos Film Premiere

“Discover the Details about the Death Busters in Sailor Moon Anime As the highly anticipated Sailor Moon Cosmos anime films prepare to hit Japanese theaters in just over a week, the official Sailor Moon YouTube channel has released a new video that takes a nostalgic look back at the Crystal storyline. Specifically, this video delves […]

Sailor Moon Cosmos: Anticipated Highlights Await

“Sailor Moon Cosmos: Exciting Expectations Ahead! As Sailor Moon Cosmos approaches its conclusion, it brings an end to the modern adaptation of the influential magical girl series. Returning to Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon manga and delving into the ‘Sailor Stars’ arc, our beloved Sailor Guardians face their greatest threat yet. However, they won’t face it […]

Exciting news for ‘Sailor Moon Cosmos’ anime: Cast announced, ‘Crystal’ fans thrilled

“Sailor Moon Cosmos part one is set to premiere in a few days, accompanied by a final trailer and important casting updates. This marks the conclusion of the Sailor Moon Crystal saga, with the two-part movies, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos, adapting the ‘Shadow Galactica’ arc from the original manga by Naoko Takeuchi and the […]