Sailor Moon Cosmos: Anticipated Highlights Await

Sailor Moon Cosmos debuts in just a few days!

“Sailor Moon Cosmos: Exciting Expectations Ahead!

As Sailor Moon Cosmos approaches its conclusion, it brings an end to the modern adaptation of the influential magical girl series. Returning to Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon manga and delving into the ‘Sailor Stars’ arc, our beloved Sailor Guardians face their greatest threat yet. However, they won’t face it alone, as Guardians from various corners of the universe come to their aid.

Being passionate fans of Sailor Moon for years, the Sailor Stars anime holds a special place in our hearts at Otaku USA. With that in mind, here are a few things we eagerly await:

New and Enhanced Eternal Looks Unlike the original Sailor Stars anime, where only Sailor Moon received an Eternal upgrade, the manga took a different approach. Thankfully, Sailor Moon Cosmos will showcase all the girls in their upgraded uniforms! These revamped outfits boast elegant designs with puffed sleeves, star and ribbon accents, and layered skirts, making them some of the most visually appealing costumes in the series. Typically, we could only admire them through fan art or fellow fans’ cosplay. Witnessing them in fully animated glory will be an absolute delight!

Eternal Sailor Guardians

The Triumphant Return of the Three Lights The Sailor Starlights were once a mysterious and intriguing concept for Western fans. We longed for their story to be dubbed and made accessible. Fortunately, in recent years, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten Kou in action. Now, Sailor Moon Cosmos brings us the joy of their presence once again. Aside from being undeniably awesome, their presence adds an extra layer of drama to Usagi and Mamoru’s destined romance. Seiya’s unrequited love for Usagi offers a softer romantic complication, especially when compared to previous one-sided romances that have caused widespread conflict and tragedy. This unresolved tension adds a refreshing touch to the narrative.

Kotono Mitsuishi Shines Again! When Sailor Moon Crystal debuted, it was no surprise that the talented Kotono Mitsuishi would reprise her role as the Moon Princess. Her portrayal of Usagi is practically synonymous with the character. Now, in Sailor Moon Cosmos, Mitsuishi takes on another role—Chibi Chibi! This enigmatic little girl had different roles in the manga and the original anime adaptation. With the title of the two-film event hinting at the manga’s storyline, we are curious if her manga role will be restored. The only way to satisfy our curiosity is to watch and find out!”

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