What is the placement of Sailor Moon Eternal in the series timeline?

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In the 1990s, Naoko Takeuchi’s manga “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” became a massive success in Japan, leading to an anime adaptation that turned it into a cultural phenomenon. In 2014, a new anime series called “Sailor Moon Crystal” followed, closely following the original manga compared to the ’90s anime. While the first anime had numerous episodes across multiple seasons, “Crystal” condensed the story into three seasons with 39 episodes, staying true to Takeuchi’s manga arcs.

After “Crystal” concluded its third season in 2016, there were still untold portions of Takeuchi’s manga to cover. This is where “Sailor Moon Eternal” comes in as a sequel to “Crystal.” It serves as the fourth season of “Crystal” and adapts the “Dream” arc from the manga, featuring the Sailor Guardians’ battles against the circus-themed villains, the Dead Moon Circus. “Sailor Moon Eternal” marks the beginning of the end, with the next installment, “Sailor Moon Cosmos,” set to wrap up the series.

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Similar to “Eternal,” “Sailor Moon Cosmos” continues the story of “Crystal” through a two-part film format. However, this upcoming adventure is expected to be the final chapter in the “Crystal” phase. “Cosmos” is set to adapt the “Stars” arc, which is the concluding arc in Takeuchi’s original manga. Fans can anticipate a grand space adventure, intense transformations, and the Sailor Guardians facing their greatest threat in the form of Sailor Galaxia. The first film of “Sailor Moon Cosmos” premieres in Japanese theaters on June 9, 2023, followed by the second film on June 30, 2023. While a Western release date is yet to be announced, viewers still have time to catch up on “Crystal” and “Eternal,” both available for streaming on Netflix.

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