The Soul Eater Director created a wild mecha series

The article discusses the 2010 mecha anime, Star Driver, created by Takuya Igarashi, the director of popular anime such as Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, and Bungo Stray Dogs. The series follows Takuto Tsunashi, a young man who washes up on Southern Cross Isle with the intention of stopping a mysterious organization from breaking the seals needed to unleash a terrifying power on the world.

The article provides insight into Takuya Igarashi’s directing style, known for seamlessly blending drama and comedy in his works. His use of cartoony, fourth-wall-breaking arrows, and other such sight gags keeps the audience engaged and highlights places and things of importance. Additionally, the artwork of his works is tonally striking, with character designs that range from sharp and edgy to round, cute, and silly, depending on the tone of a given scene.

Star Driver is perhaps the greatest test of Igarashi’s ability to elevate a story, as it is not a series that is talked about very much unless one is deeply enamored with its director. The show is a bizarre one that barrels forward from its opening scene, throwing the audience into the deep end with its odd and seemingly random events. The main protagonist, Takuto, is there to enroll in the academy but secretly intends to stop a secret organization called the Glittering Crux Brigade from breaking four seals embedded in the island’s four maidens to free an onslaught of magical mecha called “Cybodies” from an extradimensional plane.

The article acknowledges that the first episode is the ultimate litmus test for whether one can stomach the rest of the series, but it is worth sticking with despite its formulaic storytelling. Each episode involves character building and high-school shenanigans, with a big fight closing out the week. The formula can make the story predictable, but the main trio is immediately likable and quickly become friends, sharing the secrets burdening them and becoming even closer.

Takuto’s cheerful attitude contrasted with his serious dedication to protecting others makes him a novel hero. He has a strong friendship/rivalry with Sugata, who is far more serious and almost burdened by his responsibility to protect Wako at all costs. Wako herself is in the most dangerous position of them all but doesn’t let it break her spirit. The show has a lot of great supporting characters, whether recurring or one-offs, adding depth and complexity to the story.

In summary, Star Driver is a dazzling mecha show that stands out for its bizarre and seemingly random events, unique character designs, and excellent character development. It is worth giving a chance to anyone who loves the mecha genre and is looking for a show that is both visually stunning and thematically rich.

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