Will Soul Eater return for season 2? Renewal status explored

Soul Eater anime (Image via BONES Studio)

More than a decade has passed since the last episode of the Soul Eater anime aired, leaving fans of the series wondering if there will ever be a continuation of the show. The original anime adaptation was produced by Studio Bones and aired for a total of 51 episodes from April 7, 2008, to March 29, 2009. However, the series was not entirely faithful to the manga, and it had to deviate from the source material after episode 35. Despite this, the show was well-received by viewers and gained a massive following during its initial run.

The series takes place at the Death Weapon Meister School in Nevada’s fictional Death City, where students learn to become meisters capable of transforming into weapons. Their partners, known as weapons, then wield them in battle. The goal of the meisters is to absorb the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch, which will increase their weapons’ strength and transform them into powerful death scythes wielded by the school’s head, Shinigami.

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With the manga series ending in 2013, many fans of the anime adaptation have been eagerly awaiting news of a continuation or a reboot of the show. The studio released a significant visual to commemorate the anime’s 15th anniversary in March 2023, leading to speculation that an anime remake might be in the works. However, the anniversary came and went with no news of a renewal or reboot.

Despite the lack of updates, fans remain hopeful that the show will one day return. The series has a massive fan base, with the manga having sold over 19.6 million copies as of July 2019. Furthermore, Studio Bones has produced several successful anime series in recent years, such as My Hero Academia and Bungo Stray Dogs, which suggests that they may be interested in revisiting the Soul Eater franchise at some point in the future.

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In the meantime, fans of the series can look forward to new merchandise being released in July 2023, as part of the anime’s 15th-anniversary celebration. The new merchandise includes acrylic stands, keychains, pins, tees, tapestries, box graphics, and can badges. While this may not be the news that fans were hoping for, it is a testament to the enduring popularity of the Soul Eater franchise and a sign that the studio has not forgotten about its fans.

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As we wait for news of a potential Soul Eater continuation, fans can continue to enjoy the original anime series and manga. With its unique premise, engaging characters, and dark fantasy elements, it remains one of the most beloved anime and manga series of the past decade. So, stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow the Soul Eater franchise’s future developments.

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