All You Need to Know About Migration Ahead of Its Theatrical Release

A scene from the movie Migration

The Mallard family is embarking on a journey, and here’s your comprehensive guide to Illumination’s Migration before its highly-anticipated theatrical release.

Illumination, renowned for its endearing characters and heartwarming tales, is set to enchant audiences once again with its upcoming animated film, Migration. Scheduled for release in December, this film follows in the footsteps of Illumination’s beloved classics like Despicable Me, Minions, The Secret Life of Pets, and Sing. Migration promises to be another delightful addition to the repertoire of family-favorite movies.

As we eagerly await Migration’s arrival in theaters, there’s much to uncover about the film – from the talented voice cast to plot details and the release date. Join us for an in-depth exploration of everything you need to know about Migration.

A scene from the movie Migration

Migration Release Date: Mark your calendars for December 22, 2023 – the nationwide theatrical release of Migration. Just in time for the winter school break, this film offers the perfect opportunity for families to come together for a memorable movie outing. Perhaps it will even inspire your own winter road trip.

A scene from the movie Migration

Migration Plot Details: Migration revolves around the southern migration of a mallard family seeking warmer climes for the winter. The family dynamic takes center stage as Mack Mallard, the dad, and Pam Mallard, the mom, have differing opinions about their winter plans. Mack prefers staying close to home, while Pam dreams of a grand adventure for their children, Dax and Gwen. The story unfolds from their New England pond to New York City and onward to Jamaica, turning their family trip into an unforgettable adventure filled with unexpected challenges.

Will the Mallard family successfully reach their destination, or will their well-laid plans face spectacular disruptions? Migration promises a heartwarming and humorous exploration of family dynamics against the backdrop of a thrilling journey.

A scene from the movie Migration

Migration Trailer: To build anticipation for Migration’s December 22 release, Illumination has treated audiences to two captivating trailers. The most recent trailer features Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods (Taylor’s Version)” and offers glimpses of the obstacles the Mallard family encounters on their journey – from other migratory birds to rainstorms and more. You can catch both trailers on Migration’s official website or YouTube.

A scene from the movie Migration

Migration Cast: With a screenplay by Mike White, the creator of The White Lotus, The Emoji Movie, and School of Rock, Migration boasts a star-studded cast. Kumail Nanjiani lends his voice to Mack, while Elizabeth Banks voices Pam. Caspar Jennings and Tresi Gazal portray the Mallard children, Dax and Gwen.

The cast extends beyond the immediate family, featuring the unmistakable voices of Danny DeVito, Awkwafina, Keegan-Michael Key, David Mitchell, and Carol Kane. DeVito takes on the role of the cantankerous Uncle Dan, Awkwafina becomes the head of a flock of pigeons encountered in New York City, Key plays a Jamaican parrot, and Mitchell leads a duck farm.

Get ready to be charmed by the enchanting voices and captivating storyline when Migration lands in theaters on December 22, 2023.

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