Jack Black envisions a Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel as a musical called “Bowser’s Revenge

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Jack Black has expressed his eagerness to flex his vocal cords once again if a sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie gets the green light. In a recent appearance on the Variety Awards Circuit Podcast, Black, who voices the character Bowser in the animated film, shared his enthusiasm for reprising his role but admitted to a lack of communication regarding plans for a sequel from Universal Pictures and Illumination, the studios behind the 2023 box office hit.

Despite the uncertainty, Black has not been idle and has been contemplating ideas for a potential sequel. Among his proposals is an intriguing one—he suggests that a follow-up to The Super Mario Bros. Movie should fully embrace the musical genre, taking inspiration from the approach taken in the upcoming Joker 2. He even pitched a potential title for this musical sequel: “Bowser’s Revenge.”

During the podcast, Black elaborated on his vision for the movie’s structure, drawing parallels with Todd Phillips’ plans for Joker 2. He envisions Bowser’s Revenge as a complete musical experience, mirroring the rumored musical elements in the Joker sequel. This suggestion comes after the success of Bowser’s romantic ode to Princess Peach in the first Super Mario Bros. Movie, which became a chart-topping hit and contributed to the film’s overall success, surpassing $1 billion in global box office revenue.

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Interestingly, Jack Black, known for his versatility as an actor and musician, initially had reservations about incorporating singing into his characters. In an interview with IGN in April, he mentioned his cautious approach to crossovers where his characters sing. However, the allure of a love song in The Super Mario Bros. Movie proved too irresistible to pass up, leading to the inclusion of the catchy tune that resonated well with audiences.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie received accolades from critics for its vibrant and colorful visuals, a well-defined representation of the Mario universe, and its overall fidelity to the beloved franchise. IGN’s review, in particular, lauded the film as a “fireball of animated fantasy,” acknowledging its undeniable charm and energy despite a relatively thin plot reminiscent of Paper Mario.

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While Black awaits official confirmation regarding the sequel, his imaginative proposal for a full-fledged musical adventure suggests a creative and ambitious direction for the potential continuation of the Super Mario Bros. Movie franchise.

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