Get to know Benimaru Shinmon from Fire Force: A brief guide

Fire Force is an anime series that has gained a lot of popularity within the manga and anime community, and one of the most compelling characters in the series is the Captain of Company 7, Benimaru Shinmon. Despite the fact that it has been two years since the end of season 2, the studio David Production has not given away much about season 3. However, fans can look back at the great moments the show has left, including the amazing and lovable characters that it has introduced.

Among them, Benimaru Shinmon stands out not so much for being lovable but for his amazing power and completely different personality from the others. Known as “Asakusa’s King of Destruction,” he is one of the strongest characters in the series, with an array of abilities that make him a formidable foe. Before Fire Force comes back with season 3, here’s everything known about this character, including his past, character traits, powers and abilities, ideology, and role as Captain.

Born on February 20, Benimaru was an orphan who was adopted by Hibachi Shinmon, the Fire Chief for the Asakusa firefighters. Hibachi’s wife died before they could have any children, so he was looking for an heir for his position and techniques and found one in Benimaru. Hibachi taught him how to fight and control his powers, but he was also very strict and brute with him. Konro Sagayima, who acted as a father figure, often interfered between them in hopes that Benimaru would realize Hibachi’s good intentions, but instead, Benimaru feared Konro for most of his childhood. Thanks to his training and living with the Fire Chief, he became a member of the fire department from a very young age and helped dispatch infernals like it was nothing.

Benimaru’s childhood definitely had a great part in developing his personality. Like Hibachi, he is short-tempered, has a deep love for Asakusa, and is honest to the point of hurting others’ feelings at times. He enjoys being the hero of the people and seems to be in control of the situation most of the time. He is very proud and prefers to be called Shinmon Benimaru, often referring to others by their family name first. He usually carries around a serious or even bored expression, but from time to time, he also reveals one of the most unique smiles in the show.

Benimaru is a hybrid or 5th generation pyrokinetic, with the powers of Second and Third Generation. This allows him to both ignite and control his own flames and manipulate flames from external sources. On top of that, the sheer power of his fire and the way he can precisely control the flames is completely unmatched. He surpassed the power of Hibachi, who was also known as an extremely strong pyrokinetic. With the ability to copy anyone’s techniques after seeing them briefly, he can easily defeat any of the other captains, plus he still has his own techniques, like the Crimson’s Moon Sun Wheel, an attack that is almost too powerful.

In addition to his pyrokinetic abilities, Benimaru has immense speed and extraordinary reflexes, tremendous physical strength and durability, mastery in hand-to-hand combat with the Iaido Martial Arts, and poison resistance. He is the complete package in the series, making him one of the strongest characters.

Benimaru’s ideology is one of the things that sets him apart from the other characters in the series. He is considered a proto-nationalist, as he and his father, Hibachi, still use traditional Japanese values and customs. He also rejects the Emperor’s rules and the church of the Holy Sol to the point that he becomes an outlaw. Despite this, Benimaru is still respected by many in the village, as he upholds justice and protects his fellow villagers from harm. In fact, he is often referred to as the “Fire Chief” due to his position as the leader of the Fire Force Company 7.

Benimaru is also known for his exceptional combat abilities, which are rooted in his unique pyrokinesis. He has the ability to manipulate flames to a great extent, allowing him to create complex fire-based attacks that can decimate his opponents. His power is further amplified by his rare third-generation pyrokinetic abilities, which grant him the ability to manipulate and control the flames of other third-generation pyrokinetics.

Despite his impressive abilities, Benimaru is not invincible. He is vulnerable to attacks that disrupt his concentration, and his reckless behavior can sometimes put him in danger. However, he is able to overcome these weaknesses through his sheer willpower and determination.

Overall, Benimaru is a compelling and complex character who stands out in the Fire Force series. His ideology, combat abilities, and leadership skills make him a fascinating character to follow, and his interactions with other members of the Fire Force provide insight into his motivations and beliefs. If you’re a fan of action-packed anime with interesting characters and intricate plotlines, Fire Force and Benimaru are definitely worth checking out.

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