Soul Eater and Fire Force share connections beyond their creator

Soul Eater and Fire Force, two popular shonen anime series, share more than just their creator, Atsushi Ohkubo. Fans had long suspected a connection between the two, and their theories were confirmed in the final chapter of Fire Force’s manga. While Ohkubo had already made a name for himself with Soul Eater, the ties between the two series run deeper than mere creatorship.

The Holy Sol Religion, a central aspect of Fire Force, served as a catalyst for the intertwining of the two narratives. This religious cult, initially advocating for the sanctity of life, ultimately became a hindrance to human progress due to the self-serving agenda of its leader. This led to the protagonist of Fire Force, Shinra Kusakabe, seeking to overturn the world’s values, shifting the focus from revering life to revering death. In this transformation, the concept of shinigami (death gods) was born, setting the stage for the macabre world of Soul Eater.

As the world of Fire Force underwent this profound change, supernatural phenomena became commonplace. Instead of souls combusting, they corrupted and morphed into creatures such as zombies. The final moments of the Fire Force manga depict Shinra gazing upon a new world he helped shape—a world that serves as the setting of Soul Eater. This revelation solidifies the connection between the two series, with subsequent events in Fire Force aligning with the narrative of Soul Eater.

Throughout Fire Force, subtle references and Easter eggs referencing Soul Eater can be found, further reinforcing their shared universe. The concluding panels of the manga showcase younger versions of Soul and Maka, the main characters of Soul Eater, alongside Lord Death, the leader of the Death Weapon Meister Academy. These connections were not just coincidental nods; they were deliberate and meticulously crafted to hint at the overarching connection between the two stories. The distinct art style, exemplified by the moon’s toothy grin, further serves as a visual link between the two series.

Other intertwined elements and foreshadowing include Shinra’s affiliation with Fire Force’s 8th Company, which aligns with Death the Kid’s fondness for the number 8 in Soul Eater. The revelation that Arthur Boyle was the original meister for the legendary sword Excalibur also sets the stage for events in Soul Eater. Details such as character clothing and tattoos provide further evidence of the deliberate interconnection between the two series.

Soul Eater retains a devoted following, and its manga has seen re-releases in recent years, reigniting interest in the series. Against this backdrop of renewed enthusiasm and the growing nostalgia for 2000s anime and manga, Atsushi Ohkubo decided to solidify the connection between Soul Eater and Fire Force. The resolution of Fire Force’s story, aligning it with Soul Eater, was met with enthusiasm from fans who had long speculated on the connection. The natural progression of the narrative and the logical conclusion to Fire Force’s story further solidified the bond between the two series, delighting fans and adding an extra layer of depth to both worlds.

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